We are excited to welcome you to our academy. Our goal is to support all students academically and socially. We will make every effort to graduate the students and make them professionally sounds, to complete in the increasingly to competitive world in which will live and work. We encourage all students to be responsible, self-reliant and to set high goal for themselves as they reach for their dreams.

Delivering quality education and producing culturally disciplined students are our fundamental principles. I particularly focus on character building & quality upgradation. These are the most essential for any kind of educational institution. Last but not the least, we firmly believe that encores of the time in future we will be successful to explore the hidden talent of our prospective students for which this SARC Education Foundation will put entire effort, resources and valuable time. We expect constructive comments, useful suggestions and cooperation from students, teachers, parents and personalities from the field of business, industries, journalism and elites form our society.

I look forward to meeting you at SARC Education Foundation from the beginning of my career, I’ve been putting my utmost efforts to uplift and boost up character of students and quality of education can guarantee that SAC is the pioneer for meeting the goal in the periphery of this region

Dipendra Ayer
SARC Education Foundation