Welcome and thank you for your interest in SARC open school and SARC Business college . I am honored to introduce you to the network of this learning institution. With the view to imparting the life skill oriented education with an integrated effort of highly experienced professionals in the Nepalese Academia, SARC has been established in a congenial atmosphere of Mahendranagar. Pragmatic education right from the grassroots level to the graduation level is the chief feature of SARC, which holds its co-operation, coordination and affiliation to the world-class educational institutions around the globe. The refinement of spiritualism for the material prosperity in the challenging twenty first century is the major concern of SARC. The present education system to a great extend has of course created technocrats, intellectuals with ample skills but not the real human beings with sense and sensibility to follow the citizen of a civilize society. Therefore, the chief end of SARC is to ignite the latent potentials of the pupils and implant in them the eastern moral values with the amalgamation of western advancement. SARC students receive a holistic education . Our graduates will not be only skilled in critical thinking, problem solving and communication , but they will be also ethical leaders and global citizens. I fully believe in this approach and to the powerful learning environment we’ve built at SARC. Modules, thus, include meeting of the behavioral requirements of the course, the needs of faculties and the learners, and globally tested modern technology-based methods. The learning approaches at SARC is student centered: participative and interactive. The common teaching methodology however practiced by the SARC includes lectures, case studies, panel discussion, seminars, project works, field visits, report writing and presentation. Again, thank you for your interest in SARC. We look forward to helping you succeed. Best regards,

Laxman Basnet 

Chairman/ CEO 

SARC Education Foundation